About Us


Proud of our prairie progress we have established a museum complex which focuses on three periods in our history: early settler times, the Victorian years and the twentieth century.

Enjoy our Prairie Settler event presented in conjunction with the Paris Honey Bee festival held in late September or early October each year.

Officers & Board Members

  • President: Scott Barrett
  • Vice President: Mandy Neal
  • Recording Secretary: Beth Laborde
  • Treasurer: Kay Wolfe
  • Historian: Roger Stanley
  • Corresponding Secretary: Susan Bowyer

One Year Terms: Greg McHenry, Jane Mangrum, Gertie Varner, Monica Brunelle, Phil Lewis

Two Year Terms: Don Wiseman, Nancy Land, Sharon Aitken, Chuck Hand, Susan Saxton

Three Year Terms: Jake Barrett, Daniel Briseno, Dale English, Sara McCrocklin, Bob Curl



408-414 N. Main Street, Paris, Illinois 61944

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We are open Wednesdays 9:00-2:00.





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